History of DepEd Kalinga Division

            DepEd Kalinga Division metamorphosed through significant stages with events worth remembering as part of its history.

            Immediately after WW II,    the schools in Kalinga reopened their doors to enrollees both in the elementary and secondary.  There were  only two secondary schools in the province that enrolled high schools students.  They were Kalinga Academy and St. Theresita’s School both sectarian schools located in Lubuagan.  Kalinga,  being a sub-province of the old Mt. Province was under the supervision of the Mt. Province Division Office which was located in Baguio City.   After sometime, Baguio City and Benguetbecame  a separate Schools Division with the four  (4) sub provinces of the old Mt. Province forming the BIAK Schools Division with office at Bontoc.   The first Schools Division Superintendent of BIAK was the very dynamic and fatherly Superintendent Felix U. Brawner.  After his retirement,  the equally dynamic,  competent and moralist,  then,  Academic Supervisor Mr. DamasoBangaoet was promoted Schools Division Superintendent.

            On June 18, 1966,  Republic Act No. 4695,  entitled An Act Creating the Provinces of Benguet,  Mt. Province,  Ifugao and Kalinga-Apayao was enactedinto Law.  The creation of the four(4) provinces simultaneously created the Schools Divisions of Benguet,  Mt. Province,  Ifugao and Kalinga-Apayao.  Kalinga-Apayao Schools Division was formally organized in July, 1967 with seven (7) schools districts and seven hundred fifty four (754) teaching force and personnel.

            The late Mr. Epifanio T. Ramos was appointed  Academic Supervisor and at the same time designated Officer-in-Charge of the newly created schools division and was finally appointed as the first Schools Division Superintendent ofKalinga- Apayao Division in 1972 when Kalinga-Apayao became a part of Region 2. This was during the time of Marshal Law.

            The first set of General Education Supervisors of the newly created schools division were:  Mr. Marcos C. Diasen, Vocational Education;  Mr. CatalinoBadang, Research & Evaluation;  Mr. Julian Ande, Adult Education /NFE;  Mrs. Helen B. Baywong, Home Economics;  Mr. Bernardo Claveria, English but was replaced by Dr. Soledad B. Reyes after he was promoted to DECS Central Office;  Mrs. Beatrice Dongui-is,  Filipino;   Mr. BernabeBagayao, Social Studies;  Mr. Miguel Sugguiyao,  Health;  and Mr. Augusto Alejandrino for Science & Mathematics. Retirement and promotion of Deped official brought about the changes in leadership.

            The Revolutionary Government of Mrs Corazon C. Aquino caused the reshuffle of Schools Division Superintendents.  SDS Indunan was transferred to Ifugao in July, 1986 while ASDS Alfredo Belingon of Ifugao was assigned to Kalinga-Apayao Division as OIC Schools Division Superintendent with Mrs. Helen Baywong as the OIC Assistant Schools Division Superintendent. Eventually,  both were appointed full-fledged  in their positions.  In 1987, Mr.  Francisco Lanang was appointed Assistant Schools Division Superintendent of Kalinga-Apayao Division but was assigned in Apayao.  In 1989,  ASDS Helen Baywong was transferred to Baguio City Division while ASDS PedringCagas of Baguio City was assigned in Kalinga-Apayao. Reshuffle of leadership brought about  lot of positive changes in the department.  It didn’t end there.  In 1991,  ASDSPedringCagas was assigned to Benguet Division and was replaced by Mrs. Emilia P. Bayubay,  Education Supervisor II as OIC ASDS.

            With the organization of the Cordillera Administrative Region in 1988,  Kalinga-Apayao which was a part of Cagayan Valley Region since 1972, returned back to the arms of Cordillera that became the Cordillera Administrative Region.  DepEd Cordillera Administrative Region was composed of the Divisions of Mt. Province,  Benguet,  Baguio City,  Ifugao,  Abra,  Kalinga-Apayao. Some of the Education Supervisors of Kalinga-Apayao Division were promoted Education Supervisors II of the new DECS-CAR Regional Office that was housed at Teachers Camp,  Baguio City. They were Dr. CorinthiaDaway,  Mrs. Beatrice Dongui-is,  Mrs. AnataliaSaboy and Mrs. Emilia Bayubay.  This created vacancies in the Division of Kalinga-Apayao,  hence,  the appointment of news education supervisors followed.        

            The approval and implementation of Republic Act 7878 creating the sub-province of Kalinga and Apayao into regular provinces to be known as the Province of Kalinga and Apayao made Tabuk and Kabugao the capital towns respectively.

            In 1997,  after the retirement of SDS Helen Baywong,  Mrs.  Emilia P. Bayubay became the Schools Division Superintendent of Kalinga.  Mrs. Pacita D. Sarol remained to be the OIC Assistant Schools Division Superintendent until she retired in 2004.       

Turnover of leadership never ended as programs and projects continued.  The retirement of Mrs. Pacita Sarol as OIC ASDS opened the door to the coming of a full-fledged assistant schools division superintendent in the person of Mrs. Ellen B. Donato from Baguio City. ASDS Donato did not stay long in Kalinga. Mr. Cawaon from Baguio City Division became the OIC ASDS of the Division.  On April 10, 2002,  SDS Edmund Comaad of Mt. Province reshuffled with SDS Emilia Bayubay who went to Mt. Province Division.  SDS Comaad served Kalinga Division until March 10, 2005 when they were again reshuffled with  SDS. Bayubay who came back to Kalinga Division and retired in 2002.  Upon her retirement,  SDS Cesar Adaoag from Apayao Division was assigned in Kalinga until 2008 when he was transferred to Cauayan City, Isabela.  During the term of Mr. Adaoag, Mrs. Aurora Plan retired as Science Supervisor and was replaced by Mrs. ApoloniaDalanao.  Mr. Adaoag was finally replaced by Mrs.  Norma Brillantes, OIC SDS from Puerto Princesa City Division.   Mrs. Brillantes served Kalinga Division from 2008-2012 with Mrs. Pansy Aquino as her OIC Assistant and now,  the OIC Schools Division Superintendent.